Containers for Overseas

Sonny was invited to Papua New Guinea to gain understanding of the community development need there. He identified that developing countries need school, hospital and household goods.  Therefore, over a number of years, The Stables has facilitated sending shipping containers to Papua New Guinea, Africa and Vanuatu from donated goods from schools, hospitals, organisations and members of the community.

Papua New Guinea Container

  • Desks in storage while raising funds for a container

Vanuatu Container

Donate Goods

Visit our contact page if you are able to help with text books, encyclopedias, medical equipment and medical supplies, linen, computers, laptops, desks, tables, chairs or bibles

Overseas Visits

Papua New Guinea




Do you have school supplies, medical supplies, clothes or household items that you’re holding onto? Donate them to The Stables and they will go to families in Papua New Guinea Vanuatu or Africa.

To learn more about where the donations go, skip to our overseas page.

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