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Sonny  was invited to Papua New Guinea to gain understanding of the community development need there. He identified that developing countries need school, hospital and household goods.  So over a number of years The Stables has received donated goods from schools, hospitals, organisations and members of the community  to send containers  of aid to Papua New Guinea, Africa and Vanuatu.

Papua New Guinea Container

  • Desks in storage while raising funds for a container

Vanuatu Container

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Visit our contact page if you are able to help with text books, encyclopedias, medical equipment and medical supplies, linen, computers, laptops, desks, tables, chairs or bibles

Overseas Visits

Papua New Guinea


Calvary Children’s home and Bethany Children’s homes are in the Andaman Islands, India in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Burma.  Pastor Varughese Mathew and his wife Saramma established these home under the name of True Vision to provide support and education for children through sponsorship.

Early Beginnings  Pastor Varughese and Saramma  struggled with ill health and discouragement when they first went to the Andamans  in 1988. And they almost gave up the ministry when one of their children nearly died.  But The Lord clearly spoke to them and assured them that He had sent them.  So their daughter recovered and they continued the work by establishing small fellowship groups throughout the Islands under the name of the Indian Christian Fellowship. But many children who were living primitively in remote areas touched their hearts.

Development of the children’s Homes  The children had very little food and no chance of an education because their parents suffered from ill health, addictions or displayed criminal behaviour.  So the Calvary Children’s Home was established in 1997 . Then Bethany Children’s Home was established after the Tsunami, when families became homeless and deprived of their livelihood.  So now over 100 children of all ages live in the two homes. The children thrive in this safe, loving environment where they are well educated and taught good work ethics.

First Hand Experience   We went to India to visit the homes in November 2007.   Varughese, Saramma and their team  lovingly cared for us in the peaceful surrounds of their home base in Pt Blair where shared our life stories and  encouraged the children through games and craft.  So in return we were encouraged to continue to support them through sponsorship.





Do you have school supplies, medical supplies, clothes or household items that you’re holding onto? Donate them to The Stables and they will go to families in Papua New Guinea Vanuatu or Africa.

To learn more about where the donations go, skip to our overseas page.

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